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- Microorganisms are organisms that are
• too small to be seen with the unaided eye.
- germs are not necessarily all bad
- 100 trillion cells in your human body
- 100 quadrillion microbes in your body germ means a microbe that grows rapidly
- Somethings microbes do
• decompose oranic waste o three main ecological levels:
• 1. Producers -> plants, bacteria, algae
• 2. Consumers- all animals,, fungi, some bacteria, some protists
• 3. Decomposers -> organic
• are producers in the exosystem by photosynethesis
• produce industrial chemicals such as ethyl alchol and acetone
• produce fermented foods such as vinegar (5% acetic acid), cheese, and bread (yeast, a type of fungus).
Cell types
- prokaryotes
• pro=for
• karyote= karyon=kernel=nucleus
• prokaryotes do not have nucleus
• 1 micron=.000001 m
- eukaryotes
• true nuclei
• animals, plants, fungi, protists (algae,protozoa)
• protists-algae do photosynthesis which provide oxygen `70-80% of oxygen come from marine algae
• volvox, algae viruses • viruses are large molecules, do not maintain homestasis, attatch and penetrate to a host cell that carry out live life functions. Not considered living
- microbes can be used in manufacturing
• cellulase-an enzyme[acts as a catalyst]-breaks down cellulose o used in fabric production o if you have cotton not treated with cellulase, it would be very stiff
• insulin-blood sugar relation
• a few are pathogenic=disease causing knowledge of microogranism
• refer to slide
• lead to aseptic technique to prevent contaimination
- carolus Linnaeus
• came up with classification system
• organisms should have two names Genus (capitalized and italicized) and a specific epithert (always lower case and italicisized). If you can’t italicisize, underline
• f

- domain is higher than a kingdom

- Eu=true eubacteria= true bacteria
• Have a cell wall made by peptidoglycan-glycan is the major portion of the molecule. A long complex cable like polysaccharide, and the linked to peptides)
• Divide by binary fission (split in to two)
• Haemophilus influenza haemo=blood philus=liking, likes to feed on blood
• Prokaryotic
• lack peptidoglucan
• live in extreme environments
• methanogens-have some in our gut, cattle have a lot that’s why they are flatulent o extreme halophiles (salt) o extreme thermophiles

• chitin walls, has a structure similar to peptidoglycan
• all