Microcomputer: Mobile Phone Essay

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Smart Phones Today
Smart phones have had a huge impact on society’s way of life; they have affected us so much that they practically rule our lives. People use them for almost everything that they do. For shopping they are used as a grocery list, or when people have an appointment they use their smart phones as an agenda. People are getting used to using smart phones so much that they have become a necessity rather than a luxury. There is always someone using their smart phone. Smart phones have become part of our lifestyle, and a lot of people have them for different reasons and uses. The most common uses of smart phones are: web browsing, entertainment, and communication.
When choosing smart phones, consumers prefer buying theirs with Internet service. Smart phones with internet services have a wider capacity to do things. Like downloading applications, watching videos, and checking the weather or news. CEO Dave Dyson said “everyone is relying more than ever on their handset to do all the stuff they used to do on the Internet at home or work," (qtd in, Hamblen). Smart phones without internet can do only so much because of the limitations they have. People using non-smartphones versus smartphones are now opting for the newest version of smartphones because they have a wide variety of features. Having internet service with a smart phone is beneficial because people use it as a helper. For example, the GPS function on a smart phone is a valuable feature when lost and need guidance or when the exact location of the smart phone user is needed. Another way internet service in smart phones is used is for searching information. For instance, STC students use smart phones for homework research. Many people like to use their smart phones as an easier and more accessible way to use the internet, instead of using a computer which takes more time to load and to run. For instance, “U.K. mobile network operator Three Mobile said on Tuesday that its 4 million contract mobile phone customers have more than doubled their monthly data use in less than a year”(qtd in, Moscarotolo). Using a smart phone as a “mobile hot spot” provides internet access to other devices. Depending on the applications/features on the smart phone, it can be used for credit card transactions, check deposits, alerts, navigation and scanner. All in all a smart phone gives the consumer access to information on a smaller screen compared to a tablet or notebook/laptop computer.
Any decision to buy a smartphone is motivated by knowledge and entertainment purposes based on the preferences of the users. One of the many perks of having a smart phone is that people can access all sorts of entertainment in the palm of their hand. For example, a study “found that 82% of Americans use cell phones to take pictures, while 80% use them to send or receive text messages”(Hamblen). Smart phones are a good thing to have when people are waiting in a doctor’s office, in traffic, or simply when people get bored. With smart phones people can play games, watch movies, and listen to music. When playing video games on smart phones, people do not necessarily have to buy them because they can just download them for free. They can also use internet on their smart phone to get free movies. For example, I use my smart phone to watch movies on Netflix, which is pretty awesome because I can watch them wherever I am. Using a smart phone to listen to music while running, reading, waiting in line, or just for fun, can be very entertaining. This is why entertainment is one of the most common uses of phone devices. Having a smart phone gives the consumer a lot of options to much better use of their idle time! Smart phones also give the consumer the ability for real time camera and video editing. Unlike traditional cell phones, smartphones allow users to install apps of their choice.
Today, smart phones have many ways for communicating. How people use them is our choice. new technology has