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A Microfinance MIS
A Microfinance MIS
The Business Intelligence Reporting Tool (BIRT) is a software database program that allows maintenance Management System (MMS) reports to be displayed. BIRT is currently a software project within the Eclipse Foundation. The program was initially developed to allow application developers to effortlessly design and incorporate reports into Java-based applications. The ultimate goal of the software is to gather data from several locations, process the data, and present that information to end users (Eclipse Foundation, 2012).
The example schema given is for a company called Classic Models which specializes in scale replicas of classic cars. The maintenance management system is a centralized database that provides information vital to a company. In this example, the database consists of eight tables which include offices, employees, customers, orders, order details, payments, products and product lines.
BIRT has two key modules which include a visual report designer which creates reports and a runtime component which allows generated reports to be displayed by end users. In the example schema information is provided about sales offices which include contact information such as phone numbers and address. The employee database contains similar contact information as well as what office the employee currently works in, job title, and current manager. The customer database contains similar contact information but also lists the credit limit of the customer. The payments database branches off the customer database allowing payment information to be listed by each customer. The orders database provides information such as the order number, date, status and customer number. The order details database branches off the orders database and shows crucial information