Essay on Microsoft Complaint 1 March 2015

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To: Microsoft Campus
Thames Valley Park


Complaint: Damaged Surface Pro 3
Product Serial/ Ref:
Complaint Ref: SRX SRX

I raised an issue with my Surface Pro, initially on the 19th of February regarding problems with my battery. Unfortunately, the calls kept dropping half way or so through conversations with your support advisers. I eventually managed to get through properly on the 24th of February. The issue was the battery was draining rapidly and sometimes would not fully charge. When fully charged it would not last an hour in a two-hour lecture. This was affecting my not taking in lectures and seminars, I had to make sure I sit next to a electrical socket at all times. Even travelling from London to Birmingham the battery would not last the journey.

On The 25th of February a UPS courier arranged by you collected my gadget. I followed the instructions of booking this delivery including packaging. I even placed tape written “ Fragile” all round this package. The customer support reference number was …… (product serial…..). I was expecting to receive a repaired or replaced Surface Pro 3 but to my surprise and shock, I received on Friday the 6th of March a damaged gadget returned to me. Your letter implied that I had sent a damaged gadget, which therefore vitiated the warranty. I sent my gadget to you in excellent condition as good as new with only a battery problem. I was even quite reluctant to send it you and I even explained this to your customer support team as I have exams coming soon. I was assured the item could be sent back repaired or replaced with a week or two. On inspection, the screen is completely cracked particularly on the left hand side where there is gaping hole along the width of it. The only explanation of such damage is blunt trauma or it was dropped from quite a height onto a concrete floor. There is quite a dent on the right side vent/speaker. I am not responsible for this damage and it is either your courier service or whoever handled or received this gadget at your German support centre.

I backed up my files the night before I packed the gadget, and