Microsoft Environment Analysis

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Microsoft Environment Analysis
1. Advisory 2757760: Vulnerability in Internet Explorer could allow remote code execution. This vulnerability has been investigated my Microsoft and a link to the appropriate update has been issued on the Advisory page.
2. Advisory 2755801: Vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player in IE 10. The software affected by this vulnerability are both 32/64-bit Windows 8 systems, and also Windows Server 2012. An update has been published that fixes this by updating the Adobe Flash libraries in IE 10 that are affected. It is also possible to temporarily remedy this by changing up the registry files with the text provided on the Advisory page. The Administrator may also disable Flash Player from running on IE 10 via group policy on Windows 8 and Server 2012.
3. Advisory 2736233: Microsoft has released new kill bits for ActiveX after multiple requests by Cisco concerning vulnerabilities in some of its services; Cisco Secure Desktop, Cisco Host scan, and Cisco Any Connect Secure Mobility Client are all services that are affected by ActiveX vulnerability. This affects most Windows XP/7 systems, along with Server 2003/2008 software.
4. Advisory 2661254: Update for Minimum Certificate Key Length. RSA keys being used in certificates that are less than 1024 bits in length are vulnerable to attackers duplicating the certificates, phishing, and man in the middle attacks. Examples of the services that are affected are encrypted emails and private PKI