Microsoft Excel Exercise Essay

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Microsoft Excel Exercise

James Duckett


Joseph Navara

June 7, 2015

Situation 1 : A business professional wants to use Microsfot Excel for the use of organizing data for his monthly expense report. He has never used Excel and is wondering about the functions that would help support him. The approach that should be used to inform this customer is to explain the functions that would help the to emphasize his spreadsheets for his monthly expense report. I would also explain to the customer that the spreadsheets will add up the tables for him to help him get done quicker. I would tell the customer that he could set it up to give him the total expense by the day , week, and also the month. I would also thell the customer that he could also set it up to calculate the total 's spent on transportation, food, and motel expenses. Additionally, he could also calculate the fuel, entertainment, phone, and misc expensenses. I would then inform the customer that he can add graphs, and charts to know what was spent in each category whether it was spent by the day, week, or month. I would let him know that if he decides to use graphs and charts it would be an easy and quick way to analyze the information. Some challenges with explaining all the functions over the phone is that the customer can get easliy confused. If I was able to show the customer I feel they would be able to understand and use the functions better if I was there in person. If the customer still didnt understand I would then proceed to give them some website to research more about the functions.

Situation 2 : An indivdual needs help calculating the .monthly average of his grocery spending. On the days in which no grocerys are spent he enters zero. The approach that should be used is to help the customer put in his cost in the correct days. He could then highlight all of his costs and it would show him the total amount that was spent. If he enters the information and he wants it to show in currency he could highlight the information, right click and hit the format cells option in which he could change the cells