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Microsoft Marketing Microsoft Corporation ahs many different hardware and software products that it offers to the public and as such has to be able to design a wide variety of marketing campaigns. The products offered by Microsoft range from the well-known Microsoft Office to the lesser known and recently sold, Atlas, ad-measuring service. The challenge that is presented to the company in trying to market the wide product variety is how to properly present a unified brand image while still marketing the unique products that it has to offer. Based on the market share and profit that Microsoft has acquired over the years you would think that they have done a very good job of marketing their products. This has not always been the case and in recent advertising campaigns reviews of their marketing have been very negative. The company as a whole is strong but I feel as though the marketing department has a few lessons to learn in order to help the company continue to acquire market share and sales. The marketing division at Microsoft has long been known for having a very centralized feel and while this is good for trying to develop a brand image it can have the downside of holding some products back. The company has recently made the decision to switch focuses to a more product group focused and driven form of marketing. Microsoft Corporation is home to the well-known Xbox brand, Microsoft Office, and Windows operating system amongst a plethora of other technological innovations. In recent years though the most well marketed product is seen to be the Xbox brand though this may be because the they feel that the others are so well established that they do not need to be presented as much. Several critics have claimed that the marketing campaigns outside of the Xbox products have been bland and lacking creativity though several have also pointed out that there are many marketing lessons that can be learned from Microsoft. Some of Microsoft’s most recent marketing strategies have been creative while others have been focused on aggressively attacking their competitors. The advertisements for the recently released Microsoft tablet have been creative and energetic in showing the versatility of the product. These ads have been largely focused on use of the products in the ads rather than through spoken words praising the product itself. The earlier ads for the new windows 8 operating system had a similar theme and marketed how the product could be streamlined and customized to the individual user. Their strategy to acquire market share in the email client industry from competitor Google though, was focused more on attacking Google’s user privacy. This marketing plan dubbed as Scroogle attacked Google by stating that they monitored all of the users activities