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Dimitri, Lefort
Professor Lichtman
13 March 2014 Journal # 4 : Self-evaluation of your process in preparing & delivering your informative speech. The informative speech was not that hard because all you had to do is look for the information, remember, then present it. In my view I did better in this speech, then the speeches before. My topic for the informative speech was natural capitalism. That topic was not that hard for me because it involved money in it.
In the introduction I ask a question to start with. The question was have anybody heard if the government was putting money in the environment. But my downfall was eye contact. I should have done more eye contact around the room, demonstrate enthusiasm and a desire to speak, and I should have began with a stronger introduction. In the transitions part I did well because I stated when I was moving from one point to another. For example, when I was done with my introduction; I said “ now that I’m done with my introduction, my first main point is”…. Etc. Then for the rest for the main points I said: first, second, third, then the conclusion. Now , for the body I did pretty good because I did what my professor ask me to do. I wrote the main point, I explained the main points in details, then I wrote examples to make the audience understand the main points much better. Finally , the conclusion was pretty easy because all you had to do was summarize your main points, and make a closing remarks. I know I did well in the summarize because: I restated my thesis, I restated the importance of my thesis, and I restated my main points. In the second part of the conclusion which is the close; I did not do so well because I only thank the audience ,and give my thoughts. If wanted to do better I should have: I should have pose a challenge or a questions, then I should have summarize with a quotation, then motivate my audience to do something, and finally thank my audience.