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My report about 1. Introduction. 2. Background. 3. Requirements. 4. Cost. 5. Public acceptance 6. Conclusion. 7. Recommendation 8. Referencing Introduction: Water is very important to human and surroundings also when people begin to lack water it is very hard for them to survive over a long period of time. Jordan is one of the four poorest countries in the world when it came to water supply, with 130 litters of portable water per capital according to the 2010 government data. They also have several methods of providing water, which are: declamation methods, dams and recycling method. Background: The water shortage in Jordan started as result of lack of rivers nearby, such as; Syria, turkey, Iraq and Egypt. Moreover Jordanian government have not got oil money as all the countries around it to fund for example declamation plant. What they do is to invite companies from other rich countries which they are lack of salt or other minerals or even interested in some product which it is in Jordan such as the dead sea salt and mud. Furthermore theses rich countries help the Jordanian big issue of poor of water provision by funding the process of separating salt from the water through declamation methods, after separate the salt from the water these companies collect the salt and give the water to the Jordanians. However Jordan is the only country rationing year round because of shortages, meaning that each house hold gets only 22 gallons a day which is not enough, for example if the family of nine people 22 gallons a day is not much for cooking, washing, drinking, and watering the garden comparing to the 65 gallons of water which is available to each household in Saudi Arabia and the 78 in Israel, even if they have the same border and same area. Requirement Declamation: This method is all about separating the salts and other minerals from the sea water and makes it drinkable or good to be used as a drinking water, and house needed also. However according to Mohammad Najjar said that declamation methods is the only solution for Jordan water crisis, particularly since the demand for the precious resource surges by 6 present every day. Large scale declamation typically uses large amount of energy and expensive mtrastrcture, making it more and more expansive. Jordan because they don’t have much money to have declamation plant ,they allow other companies from other rich countries which they are lack of salt or other minerals or even interested in some product which it is in Jordan such as the dead sea salt and give the water to Jordanians. Declamation happens to be the one of the water treatment technology that must completely reduce the wildest range of the drinking water contaminants. It is very high costs to have the Declamation plants the reasons are: the purchase of equipment , land, wnstaiction charges and pre-treatment those are the direct cost while the indirect cost are; merest, assurance, constriction over heads, project management and contingency costs. And all of these are really expansive. Ground water: Underground water is the water that comes from the ground, further more underground water is being used in every home in Jordan, also underground water is come originally from the rain, snow, sleet, and nails that sock in the ground. The ground get water because of gravity passing between soils, rock, sand or gravel until it reaches adept were the ground filled with water. These water are found through digging of wells and these methods has been use for decades by people of Jordan as one of the major source of providing water, the spring water from the rock is also an underground water and these underground water used as bottled water that people that people buy from the stores. This method provides very good quality of water and pure because it comes from the ground and it is accepted by the people and it does not cost much money to dig a well. Recycling water: This method it the process of using waste water