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Benjamin Ayukachale
Miss. Birnbrauer
September 23, 2012
“The Most Dangerous Game.” The world today has a lot of suspense in it. In “The Most Dangerous Game” written by Richard Connell, there are two characters with completely different views about hunting. The short story is about two hunters, General Zaroff, and Ranisford. General Zaroff is a very skilled hunter who has created his own hunting game. Rainsford also a hunter has fallen off his boat, and landed on what he thought to be a deserted island. The General has built a house there and Rainsford will find out the General new game. In “The Most Dangerous Game” foreshadowing is used to create suspense. Foreshadowing is used as a way to create suspense in this short story. One example is that when Ranisford first started talking to the General he noticed the General was looking at him oddly. Ranisford noticed how the General had red lips, and was tall also. Another is that Zaroff the talented hunter had started talking about a new animal he hunted that could reason with him. The General told Rainsord this animal could reason with him and that it was a much better challenge. Finally after Ranisford found out the General hunted humans the General told him something. The General said he would fee and train them then set them in the jungle to be hunted. After hearing this Ranisford got locked up in a tour in his room. Rainsford then knew he had become the General’s new prey. All these examples are ways foreshadowing…