The Threat To Be Attack By The Use Of Weapons Of Mass Destruction

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United States faces a real threat to be attack by the usage of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). The United States confronts a dangerous combination of known and unknown vulnerabilities, strong and rapidly expanding adversary capabilities, and a lack of comprehensive threat awareness. United States plays an important character in today’s economy and politcal issues among the whole world. United States is one of the strongest nations. Performing a WMD attack against the United States will create a world caos. The war against Afghanistan and Iraq has growth the hate and anger against America. Terrorists know that a WMD against America will affect the whole world, economically, politically and socially, making them growth as a terrorist group and accomplishing one of their missions which is putting fears on people life.
After the September 11, 2001 attacks to the Twin Tower in New York Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups are seeking to develop WMD. Al-Qaeda the principal enemy of the United States has been involved in around 56 separate incidents involving (WMD) and in which 36 of those has come to light since September 2001 (Mowatt-Larssen, 2010). Terrorism remains among the many security risks faced by nations worldwide and by countries like Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan more than others due to the presence of terror elements tied to the global effort of terrorism driven by radicalized Islam. One of the scenarios that worry and scare nations is the ability of terror groups to get their hands on WMDs being that such a threat when actioned can lead to the loss of lives so massive it can decimate populations. The article "Terrorist use of weapons of Mass Destruction: how serious is the threat? states “the rise of a new brand of terrorism that operates across transnational networks and whose operations aim to inflict mass casualties coupled with the destructive threshold crossed on 11 September 2001, mean that terrorist attacks using WMD will continue to be realistic prospect in the future" (O’Neill, 2003, p. 99). The threat of the usage of WMD it is alarming the whole world, making the United States proactive with all the federal agencies and intelligence they collected to protect the Nation. Many studies and researchs from past years revealed as 2013 to be the year for the next WMD attack. . On 2008 the Commission on the prevention of WMD briefed that “the United States is likely to be attacked by terrorist using nuclear or biological weapons in the next five years” (“Study: WMD”, 2008, p.1). If all the WMD’s, are put in a scale to measure the capicity of damage definitely the nuclear weapon will stand out. It is important to clearify that the threat of a nuclear attack is there but it is not easy for those terrorist groups to acquire nuclear weapons but not impossible ad it would be foolish to discount the possibility that such an event will occur in the future.
Around the 90’s the Islamic duty was to acquire weapons of mass destruction the al Qaeda leader, the biggest enemy of the United States as mentioned before, has offered a number of statements that provide a need and rationale for using weapons of mass destruction as a means of achieving the group's concrete and ambitious goals. Most recently, he promised in a 2007 video release to "escalate the killing and fighting against you (Americans)" on grounds of destroying an international conspiracy to control the world adding, "The capitalist system seeks to turn the entire world into a fiefdom of the major corporations under the label of globalization in order to protect democracy” ((Mowatt-Larssen, 2010 p.1). If I was a terrorist, I will try to do my best to accomplish the most negative impact in to the United States and I a hundred percent sure that with the usage of a nuclear weapon this will be accoplish. If you look back in history the Cold War, the US and Russia had in possesion nuclear weapons that contested each other's military capacity and reach. The