Mid-Term Paper

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Mid-term Paper
Question: How does geography affect culture development? There are many cultures in the history of human kind, each very diverse and unique in its own way. There are many factors which lead to their diversity and uniqueness, such as the different interaction factors with other cultures. However, one of the most important factors of all is the geographical conditions in which the culture had to develop to. Geography can affect a culture greatly in many different ways. Geography provided the environment, resources, and the location crucial to the development of a culture. The most important factor of all is the resources which helps the culture to develop drastically. Resources help the development of culture in many
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From a natural, yet fundamental part of environment, people transformed it into a god and made it into a religion. Moreover, they developed a social system and all of it became a part of an ancient culture we see now. For example, the Hindu Caste System was created in India due to Hinduism. The current government disbanded it officially, but it still plays a role in the daily lives of the people. The fact that the environment influenced the long lasting religion of a culture once again states the significance of the geography. One of the factors that impact the development of a culture is location. Depending on the location in which a culture develops, it can have more or less influence, which affects rate of cultural diffusion. Cultural diffusion helps develop cultures by providing new religions or ideas which can improve or change a certain culture. For example, the kingdom of Aksum was able to have many aspects from different cultures because of its location as a trading center. It was a very well-developed kingdom with a diverse culture. Conversely, the Mayans did not have any other cultures blended in. By having an isolated location, detached from the outside world, Mayan developed their culture independently. The only culture they received from was the previous cultures that were passed down by inherited succession. Expansion can be easier or harder based on where the empire is located. The