Middle Ages and Greece Essay

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February 12, 2014

Greece Part 1

The country I have chosen for this assignment is Greece. In this paper I will research the history, the major health issues, and any other factors affecting the health and safety of its citizens in this country. To get started, we should know about Greece’s past history. Greece’s culture flourished not only in arts but also in sciences and health. There were six time periods in Greece which were; the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, the Dark Ages, the Archaic age, the Classical age, and the Hellenistic age. The people of Greece worshiped many different gods through out these ages. Greece started off trading and expanding, trying to succeed right off the bat. The earliest evidence of burials and commerce were founded in Greece. They also were well advanced in economies and complex social structures. But this didn’t stop outsiders from coming in and invading Grecian land; Mycenaean civilizations had destroyed the land that Greece had built and it took almost three hundred years to reverse. Right after the depletion of the land the Dark Ages emerged, which led to a drop in population numbers drastically. But soon they began writing again and had eventually formed the base of the alphabet used for English today. Another notable event from this period was the occurrence of the first Olympics, and the writing of the Homeric epics and Iliad and the Odyssey. No matter what Greece went through, they never stayed in a rut, they always found a way to prosper. Today the country’s population continues to grow. The population stands at 11,062,508 people. The female population is greater, with 5,649,218 women, representing 51.06% of the total, compared to 5,413,290 or 48.93% men. Almost 33% of the Greek population lives in poverty, while 14.1% of the population lives in a household that faces a risk of unemployment. We also see that many people in Greece have an education, or at least had previous schooling. There are more than 100,000 students registered at Greek universities, in addition there are nearly 5,000 Greeks studying in the United States. The percentage of those attending school from ages 0-14 years is 14.2% (male 787,143/female 741,356). For aged 15-64 years the percentage is 66.2% (male 3,555,447/female 3,567,383). If you’re over the age