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Love is very special to everyone, but as a child growing up I begin to wonder when will I meet my prince in shining armor? Growing up watching movies like Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty makes finding love look so difficult to someone so young. As I became older and wiser I began to realize that love is a very tricky thing to come upon. I went through some very tough and difficult times when I started having “Boyfriends” my grandpa said to not waste my time on those stinky things but I didn’t listen. I wanted to feel that feeling that was making me curious. To tell you the complete truth I could not count the number of guys that I dated or were my so called boyfriends. I wasn’t one of the popular girls who could just bat their eyes and have all the guys fall to their knees. I had to actually work for it, I guess that would be the reason everyone says it is hard to find “The One”.
Some of the relationships I went through were harder than the others, but I just kept right on trying. When I was about 14, I had a boyfriend for about 2 years until I realized what am I doing, this guy drives me insane. Then I found someone my friend’s boyfriend set me up with, but he was 2 years older than me. My grandparents didn’t like the sound of this beginning, but he was nice and we were together about 1 year. Then for some odd reason it went downhill from there. He said he wanted a break well I didn’t want a Break so I went out and made a few stupid mistakes because I was upset and that ended it. After that I thought that was it, there was no one out their just for me. It was very upsetting and depressing, but my best friend told me to just to start making friends on Facebook.
Well I began talking to several nice guys, but it just didn’t feel right then one night I had received a friend request I asked myself who could it be? When I clicked on the request it popped up with this picture of “HIM” my eyes didn’t move off of him for it felt like a century. His name was Jonathan McElroy; I had never looked at anyone’s Facebook picture and reacted in such the manner I did. Anyways