Middle Colonies Vs Southern Colonies Essay

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When people from Europe and other countries came to the new world they made many colonies believing in different things, but also some of the same things. There was the Southern Colonies, the Middle Colonies, and the New England Colonies. They had many beliefs of the same thing, but they also had different ones too. Some differences they had included where they lived, the economy of each colony region, the government, and their religion. They all lived in different areas in the United States. They each got their name based on where they were living. The southern colonies that included Virginia, Maryland, South and North Carolina, and Georgia, were more southern than the other colonial regions. Therefore they were called the Southern Colonies. Where they all lived was called English Virginia. The Middle Colonies are made of New york, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and …show more content…
They each had economies but very different economies. The Southern Colonies had Plantations where they grew tobacco, rice, and indigo. The Southern also didn’t do much crafts or industry work. The Government of the southern was also different, they were more a basic unit. They had sheriffs and justice of the peace, and you also had to be appointed by the governor. The Southern Colonies were catholics and had a Church of England. The Middle Colonies economy is different than the Southern. One reason is that the Middle Colonies farmed grains, they also had livestock, cash crops, mining, and trading. Their Government was a mixture of town meetings and county government. The Middle Colonies were a mixture of different types of religion, such as Quakers, Jews, and Protestants Tolerance. On the other hand, The New England Colonies had many differences as well. Their economy was mainly small farms, merchants, craftsman, boat building whaling, lumber, and fish. They had more resources so they were able to build and trade more. Their government was town meetings, they