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Middle East conflict The Palestinian and Israeli conflict in the Middle East has several different movtativion for the issues that are occurring; for the most part it is territory. I believe the Palestinians are fighting for regional independence trying to once again be able to live a normal life and they are struggling to gain political supremacy. The Israeli’s are motivated to not let those things happen for the Palestinians in West Bank, that way they can continue to rule the land, they do so by making it almost impossible for the Palestinians to have a livable life, decreasing water supplies, destroying crops and homes and having checkpoints.
Some thing that I found interesting through research was that many Jew’s moved to Europe after the Genocide war, the UN offered the land for Jewish people, a new state called Israel. Which was great for them, however for the Palestine that were already living there it created a whole new type of life that they did not agree with, they rejected the UN partition plan but several Arab’s states continued to invade the land of Israel quickly overcoming a majority of the Country. So I believe the United Nations has a very large rule that need to take in order to help the Palestine’s in West Bank, since they caused harms toward the Palestine’s that already had settlements on the territory. The United Nations has 19 camps for the Palestinans today in West Bank, and according to () there are 741,409 refugees registered in those 19 camps, the camps unfortunately are very over crowding and lack of space for the many of men, women, and children that count of the camp. The United Nations has taken a stand, but they need to help the Palenstinans future help them earn a voice, by threatening Israel.
There were harms cause by both the Palestine and the Israeli’s military. The harms caused by the Palestine’s include the rocket launches that accorded before the Gaza Strip war, there were several Israeli’s civilation killed by the rockets, also the Palestine’s suicide bombers that have happened on several different occasions resulting in killing of Israeli’s civilians.
The harms that were caused by Israeli’s armed forces however are much more extreme in my opinion; some of them include the following. The Israeli’s attack on the Gaza Strip in result of the rocket launches, the Israeli’s attacks in response was much more extreme and resulted in the killing of many more civilians than the Palestine’s rocket attack. The Military occupation of Arab’s in West Bank, making it hard for them to live a comfortable life by having checkpoints, making it difficult for them to receive building permits to build a home for their families, demolishes the homes built illegally (without a building permit), the torture cause by the military towards men women and children in West Bank, killing innocent civilians. Dareen Siam wrote “There are Palestinians who encourage resistance and say what was taken by force can only be restored by force. The Israeli authorities also behave in the same way, by deliberately oppressing our children and youth through intimidation, destruction of their psyche, imposition of force and unlawful arrest and detention, thus stealing their childhood and innocence and