Middle Eastern Culture Essay

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A US company is soon scheduled to meet and negotiate with its potential foreign partner in a Middle Eastern country. What cultural dimensions do you recommend that the US Company consider for its initial negotiation meeting with the partner? Briefly explain your recommendation.
State Recommendation:
Managers will face certain cultural differences when having an initial negotiation with our partners. This memo will explain (cultural dimensions) and other aspects of the business environment in the Middle Eastern country.
There are certain cross cultural differences in business practice and understanding is an important tool for our US Company to acquire when doing business abroad.
Supporting Arguments & reliable data:
1) The most apparent difference is …
2) Geert Hofstede cultural dimension
BUSINESS IS PERSONNEL - Initial meetings are all about relationship building. Building trust and establishing compatibility are key requisites for doing business in the Middle East. One should engage in conversation and try to get to know the ‘person’ you are doing business with. Small talk is more than just a courtesy; it is a way of finding out whether you would be a suitable partner. Engage in conversation freely and enthusiastically, and have a few stories to break the ice.
COMMUNICATION/SPOKEN LANGUAGE - The Middle Eastern culture places more value on someone’s word as opposed to a written agreement. A person’s word is connected to their honour. Be sure to promise only thing you can deliver. Failure to do so will result in loss of honour.
TIME IS NOT OF THE ESSENCE – Decisions can take a long time, probably longer than you’re used to. Don’t be impatient, as this will reflect poorly on your character. Be flexible and prepared to accommodate shifting schedules. In fact, patience is the most valuable virtue you can demonstrate throughout your business life.
ETTIQUETTES – Respect their language. Learning a few words of Arabic is an easy way to demonstrate that a relationship is personally important to you rather than just another business deal. Do not eat or drink during the month of Ramadan. They are fasting. Never cross your legs and display