Midland, Michigan and Northwood University Essay

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When I was in high school I decided that I was very interested in the accounting and finance field. I am the type of person that will strive and do whatever it takes to achieve the goals that I set for myself. I decided that I was going to Northwood University to become the best businessman that I possibly could. Since I have been at Northwood, I have had 8 job interviews with different companies such as Dow Chemical and several automobile dealerships. I am trying to start off getting networking opportunities as soon as possible. During my first year at Northwood University it really confirmed that business really is the field that I want to go into. Some of my skills have always been my math, leadership, public speaking, and organization skills. At Northwood I am becoming not only better at finance and accounting, but also well rounded at every aspect of business. I feel like this puts me ahead of many other students at other schools. In the future I could see myself making a huge impact on a company because I do not just want to do the same routine every day, I want to challenge myself in the field that I enter. I plan on also going to graduate school at the University of Michigan to get my MBA. I feel that this will also help me to pursue my goals and move up in the company that I work in even faster. I may go somewhere else for graduate school depending on expenses, but that is my ultimate goal. Eventually down