Midsouth Chamber of Commerece Essay

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Midsouth Chamber of COmmerce



Midsouth Chamber of Commerce entities involved in issue:

* Vice President Leon Lassiter * Territory Managers * Marketing Support Supervisor * Staff * Lack of access to new computer system * Problems with using old systems

Midsouth Chamber of Commerce Vice President Leon Lassiter is in the middle of transiting systems with several problems arising. Several workstations have had something happened to their data causing several processes to be done manually causing a major inconvenience to workers. As well as Marketing staff has been unable to access the new system causing their work to stop all together. Overall Vice President Lassiter feels
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All of these aspects would act as solutions for the problems the MSCC was facing now, as well as in the future, giving them the scalability Lassiter was looking for. Unitrak's software would allow MSCC staff to input special member information into a notes field, generate telemarketing scripts that would allow "tree scripting" based on various sales objections, develop letters and attachments from their workstations using information in a central database rather than manually linking information contained in several separate databases, and much more.
Recognizing the value in this software Lassiter began preparing a proposal for Walingford and the Board of Directors. He created flow charts demonstrating the time that was wasted on various activies from day to day by staff members. Activities such as the amount of time spent on new member sales with the current system and how the new software would begin to eliminate time waste. Lassiter also wanted to demonstrate a six month payback if he was challenged by a member of the executive committee.
The proposal created some concern among board members, however. Once Lassiter explained that software could be purchased at a discount and