Midsummer Nights Dream Essay examples

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Summary of Act II
This Act starts off with Puck and a Fairy and the fairy points out who he is. Which is a trickster. Then Puck goes on to say how the king Oberon is jealous of this boy that the queen Titania has been watching in the forest for quite some time. Soon after Oberon and Titania enter and they are arguing over the boy, and the fact that Titania will not hand to boy over to Oberon to be trained that she will just stay in the forest with him. This makes Oberon very angry so he tells Puck to go and get a flower called love-in-idleness (pansy) and to put it on Titanias eyes while she is sleeping so as to make her fall in love with a creature. Then Demetrius and Helena enter and Helena tells Demetrious that she loves him and is jealous of Hermia but Demetrious just tells her to go away and that he will never love her. Oberon sees this and feels bad for Helena because she follows Demetrious around and yet he does not love her. So he sends Puck to put some of the juice onto Demetrious’ eyes to make him fall in love with Helena. When Puck goes looking for Demetrious he goes into the forest where Hermia and Lysander are and they are sleeping separately and Puck mistakes Lysander for Demetrious and puts the juice on his eyes. Helena comes along and wakes Lysander up because she thinks he is dead and she did not see Hermia. This makes Lysander fall in love with Helena for she woke him first which the juice/potion will make him fall in love with her. Helena thinks he is…