Midterm: Building and Newport Casino Essay

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Midterm Part one

a. Describe two examples of architecture or environments that declare the importance of pleasure and/or leisure to humans.

Besides working on weekdays, people had their spare time to relax themselves. They might go to theater and social clubs. In the nineteenth century, some buildings were built to declare the importance of leisure to humans. Two examples are Newport Casino and Parris Opera.

Newport Casino was built by McKim Mead & White in Newport, Rhode Island, during 1879 and 1880. Not only a gambling establishment, it was a social club which reflected a leisure lifestyle. Newport Casino was shingle style architecture with few ornaments on the plain building surface. It was additive architecture with flat walls, flow floors, and steep roofs. Like Japanese architecture, the flow floor gave people a feeling of space and people could easily walk from one side to the other side. And in the series of the houses, some pavilions were built in a Japanese style, which was either a circular one with a conical roof or a square one with a pyramidal roof. And a tower house with a clock on it was also built in the series of buildings. For the part of the building facing the street, it had two stories and attic. On the first floor, there was a barrel vault entrance; on the second floor, porch was designed for it, on which people could enjoy the street scenery.

Parris Opera was Charles Garnier’s famous work in 1872. Parris Opera was symmetrical…