Midterm: English Language and Slang Making Conversation Essay

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The English Language to most people is how to communicate from day to day with others. People who speak the English Language wonder “how did this all start and who started it all?” The English language is arguably the most influential in the modern world. English grew in both popularity and diversity, but also changed dramatically. As stated in the video, the status of English as an international language appears unassailable. English will continue to evolve in times to come. We have no idea how English will be spoken in the near future.
The present English language is always adding new words for common, practical or creative reasons. English around the globe have no limits to using slang. College students, teachers, even politicians are using it. Each city, state, or country seems to have its own slang usage. Slang is like communication in general, it’s more than just a person, place, or thing; it is a progression. While the group of people in each state increase new words, more commonly known as slang, leads some to believe it corrupts the English language, most feel it is crucial to the enriching, simplifying, and continual change of the American English language. We have slang in America; it is known for a fact. For decades, English has been continuously changing. Words that would have never been spoken many years ago are now used in everyday conversation. The disrespectful word “bitch” would have never been used in certain generations past, but today, they are very comfortable with using it on T.V and in conversations among offspring and parents alike. The English language is the addition and growth of every dialect, race and range of time, and is both the free and compacted composition of all. From this point on the view stands for Language in the largest sense, and it’s really the greatest of studies. Many people know that English has a brand of being relaxed and that it is a language that is laid-back. It makes sense to use slang to improve our English. Slang helps us simplify an overall diverse language. Slang usage, as some may call it, makes contact through telephone