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Brianna Carr
What are the essential skills needed in any Master Student tool bag?

Becoming a college student can be overwhelming, which is why there are techniques to help things not be so stressful along the way. There are many things to choose from but researching and finding a routine that fits you is best. Although that alone can sound a bit time consuming; however, a lot of it is basic and can make a big difference in the end, especially the end of a semester when grades come in. The biggest thing is to stay relaxed and confident. Other things like: setting goals, achieving goals, getting the best out of now, knowing the different types of thinking, reading techniques, memory, and what to do if you miss a class are big parts of passing a class with less stress. Making a routine with these techniques will make the day go by with ease. A good way to put it would be essential skills needed in any Master Student tool bag. These are the basics to helping you with each semester and help with your grades. Starting off knowing the different kinds of thinking is a good way to apply to the studies you do. Also it shows the different ways things are viewed and what can be done while applying them. According to Psychologist Benjamin Bloom there are six kinds of thinking. Remembering and understanding are the ones you would start off with for recalling an idea and then explaining an idea with your own explanation. Then there’s applying and analyzing for using an idea to get the result you want then creating steps for the idea. The last two types are evaluating and creating for going over the idea you had with reason then creating what you had discovered and thought. Applying your ideas and thought into action is the most important thing you can do. There are a lot of things people want to succeed in that is when setting and achieving goals come into play. An article in chapter two called Setting and Achieving Goals is a good reference for making goals to achieve soon or maybe even the future. With details and reviews is the best way to reflect and get things done. You want to make a list of things you want and in the order you want them from now till later. Specifying about the task is another way to help you remember why you chose this goal and what needs to be done. Achieving a goal is a gratifying thing which can help with your esteem through a semester, knowing that you are completing what you wanted. Remember that action is the number one thing for this and that slacking won’t get the goals checked off the list. If things were that easy they wouldn’t be so rewarding. One thing a lot of students stress about is what is going to happen after college or with the next year. Worrying about things that haven’t happened yet will take a lot of time up for things you need to do now. An article also found in chapter two called 25 Ways to get the most out of now is a great way to see how you can focus on what Is in front of you and not months or a year ahead. It demonstrates how using free time to study and do little tasks for school can add up in a day. An example that could be used is waiting twenty minutes for a friend to arrive, use that time to study for a test you have later that week. Studying is a big part of passing a class and to get good marks on tests. In the article it says that studying for two hours for every hour in class is a beneficial way to help with memory. Repetition is a good technique when it comes to remembering things. You don’t always get it the first time so try, try, and try again. Having no distractions and being in a quiet secluded area is also another good tip. A lot of people hate to admit it but everyone gets distracted by something. Your mind being only focused on the task at hand can show a lot in your work. Being relaxed through all of this is something that is forgotten. Knowing that if you stay relaxed and have a plan set you will complete it. If things get too much out of hand, going to