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To: Pat Nice, Manager From: Pat Nice 2512 Date: October 17, 2011 Subject: English 302 for All Employees

An Artist’s Touch Advertising

The purpose of this memo is to outline the benefits of all employees taking English 302 to improve our company’s overall communication skills. This class can positively affect our internal communication, customer correspondence, and marketing techniques. The document design tips and word choice presentations can give our advertising company, An Artist’s Touch Advertising, a competitive edge.

Internal Communication Skills
One of English 302’s main focuses is on group interaction. As our company often works on projects in group settings, the extra experience and feedback would be helpful. I learned a lot about my personal communications skills in these groups that I didn’t know before, because no one has ever evaluated our company’s group meetings. Another area that can be improved through this class is email and memorandum writing. Communicating within a business sets the workplace atmosphere by use of correct tone and phrasing. After seeing effective communication in this class, it is evident to me that many employees are lacking in this area. Improved communication internally can resolve competing demand issues from managers, through clear and professional emails and memos.

Customer Correspondence
It is important for our company to keep a positive position in our customers mind. Writing clear and compelling articles, press releases, recalls, etc. will maintain a good image of An Artist’s Touch Advertising. Another way to ensure goodwill with our customers is to professionally and sincerely respond to customer complaints. The first major assignment in this class is to respond to a customer complaint. Personally responding to a letter like this can only be taught through practice. You get to refine your skills when working with a more sensitive situation by writing a letter about hospital revaccinations. This class gave me the opportunity to prefect my customer correspondence skills and all employees should have this chance.

Marketing Techniques
The most significant piece of information I got from English 302 is enhancing document