Midwifery Personal Statement Examples

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My mother’s pregnancy played a vital role in cementing my desire to study ‘Midwifery’. I was always in awe of the human body, especially during pregnancy. My fascination in studying this complexity within the human body increased more when a midwife talked me through one of my mother’s ultrasound scan. The experience was incredible due to my excitement of hearing my brother’s heartbeat for the first time. I want to push this experience into a lifelong career of understanding the mechanics and psychological changes of the human body throughout the pregnancy, birth and postnatal period. By being a science prefect, I was able to develop my leadership skills by encouraging and guiding the students. I also did my work experience at an elderly care home, which exposed me …show more content…
As he is unable to express his needs, I have learned to communicate with him by using hand gestures and facial expressions. These skills I believe, will be beneficial in situations where the mother or her family members have hearing or visual impairments. Health and Social Care has allowed me to learn the practical side of midwifery, such as promoting equality and diversity whilst carrying out my placements in various health care environments. English Literature has helped me analyse and process new information without being biased. Also, completing it in a year with a B grade taught me the value of perseverance. From my previous years of doing AS level Chemistry, I have gained a range of transferable skills such as problem solving and analytical skills. My interest in women’s health and emotional well-being also drew me towards midwifery. Volunteering at a charity shop has shown me how to build a professional yet comfortable relationship with the other volunteers. I can mirror this experience during my placements by being aware of the boundaries which should not be crossed when providing holistic care to suit the