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Mie Tran

Descriptive Essay Final Draft
The Reason I Love Hawaii

What is paradise? Paradise is a place of beauty, delight or heaven, and we all have that in our life. For me, I have some special places, but Hawaii is one in particular that I had a good time with my family. Hawaii is asignificant place with attractive sceneries, activities to do and a welcoming atmosphere.
One reason I love Hawaii is there are some of the most heavenly sceneries in the world. First, Hawaii has many beautiful beaches with different colors and a very distinct smell. For example, behind Kaunaoa beach is a beautiful scenery of waterfalls and mountains engulfed in fog or the yellow sand beach in Coast Wailea with clear waters, clean and wide beach. Even one green sand beach in Papakolea was formed thousands of years ago by the flooding of a volcanic crater. My mother and I really liked hearing the blue ocean calling out to us with its soothing voice. Swimming in the ocean is so relaxing, we specially enjoyed it when the water was the perfect temperature. Second, some of the most beautiful sceneries that Hawaii has are fantastic mountains. Much of the mountains sit below the ocean. Gradually rising from the ocean floor, my parents really liked to see the most popular volcano – Mauna Loa which is “the tenth tallest mountain in the solar system at 5.7 miles tall” (“Mauna Loa”).
Another reason I would like to visit Hawaii one more time is because while I was there, I did many cool things. First of all, Hawaii has some interesting activities to do and experience in nature. For someone who wants to ride waves, Hawaii has some of the best surfing and boogie boarding in the world. I liked hiking to the mountains and took a dip in the Queen’s bath. Hawaii also has many awesome activities to do and experience in the cities. For instance, exploring and eating in Chinatown is another top activity in Hawaii or shopping at the 15th largest mall in United State, AlaMoana Center.