Miep Gies Research Paper

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Miep Gies

When you guys hear these words “World War 1” what do you guys think of? Because there are many great people who survived World War 1and the Holocaust. Miep Gies was born on February 15, 1909 in Vienna Austria. In 1924 she moved to amsterdam with her foster parents and becomes a secretary with the Opekta Company. I think Miep was the best survivor because she took lots of risks just to help out the Franks survive in the annex. Miep wasn’t part of the family even though she still helped out even she wasn’t supposed to. Miep is a courageous person who lived up to 100 years old that survived with Otto Frank. They both survived World War 2 and the Holocaust.

Miep is a secretive person because she brings food to the Franks in the secret annex where all the franks and the Vanndans are hiding together where there is not that much room to move around in even though they are two different families. She helps hide the franks by not telling anyone that they were jewish people that are hiding from the green police. She also try tries to help other people that are in the Nazi’s Secret Police offices and bring them into hiding where they will stay until the war is over. Miep is a wonderful
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Otto Frank asks miep if she’ll help hide him and her family somewhere where they cannot be found. She risks her life to Hide Anne Frank and her jewish family and risks everything she has just to help people out of the SD offices and hide the, even though she works for the Opekta Company as a secretary. Miep is one of the bravest people when it comes to helping people out and their family when it comes to