Mighty River Power Report 2013 Essay

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Business Studies 1.4 Achievement standard: 90840 version 1 5/7/13 by Samantha Campbell

Controversial issue from the get-go

My interest in Mighty River Power began when Bill English (Financial Minister) announced the selling of MRP, but it wasn’t the selling which caught my attention. My attention was drawn to the bad publicity, these complaints in particular:
“...Māori have unsatisfied or unrecognised proprietary rights in water which have a commercial aspect, and that they are prejudiced by Crown policies that refuse to recognise those rights or to compensate for the usurpation of those rights for commercial purposes...” –anon
“STOP ASSET SALES PEOPLE POWER WILL PREVAIL”- Banner hung outside parliament “You can only sell an asset once, and that, as soon as you’ve sold it, you’ve lost the revenue stream forever”- Labour party member
Finally and probably both my favourite and most inconsequential:
“Get your grubby hands off our assets.”- Member of the public

Economical reasons aside, I have taken a keen interest into Hydraulics, Geothermics, Fission/ Fusion (Nuclear power generators) and anything to do with the electrical side of physics; so power companies were down my alley of expertise.
(Note: There are no Nuclear reactors in New Zealand by Law much to my relief, and disappointment.)

Product: Life Cycle; Maturity
When defining the stage Maturity,