Migration of a standardized CRM system within DeVry Educational Group Essay

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Migration of a standardized CRM system within DeVry Educational Group

Christina Sanders
Managerial Applications of Information Technology – MIS535_60304
Keller Graduate School of Management
August 17, 2014

Table of Contents
Abstract 3
Company background 3
Business problem 4
High-level solution 7
Approach 7
Solution Options 8
High-level implementation plan 10
Conclusions 10
Summary of Recommendations 11
References 12

Migration of a standardized CRM system within DeVry Educational Group


The business problem to be solved is how to reduce IT cost, improve operational efficiencies, and productivity.

Company background

DeVry Educational group formally named DeVry University is an educational institution that servers to educate higher learning education both online and onsite. DeVry Educational Group indicated that their purpose is to empower students to achieve their educational and career goals. Their vision is to become the leading global provider of career-oriented educational services and will create value for society and all stakeholders by offering superior, responsive educational programs that are supported by exceptional service to students, and delivered with integrity and accountability. To meet this vision, DeVry has adopted the TEACH values which stands for Teamwork and communication, Engage our colleagues, Accountability + Integrity= ownership, Continuous improvement, Help our student achieve their goals (DeVry Educational Group). DeVry’s history begins in 1931 when Dr. Herman DeVry established DeForest Training School to focus on learning in electronics, motion pictures, radio and later, television. In 1968, DeForest Training School later became DeVry Institute of Technology and started to offer more programs with accreditations to come with. As years passed by, more programs began to develop and mergers with Keller Graduate School of Management, Becker Professional education, and Ross University were established (DeVry University). DeVry Educational Group is now known to offer multiple bachelors and master degree programs and is one of the best online institutes among online bachelors degree programs.

Business problems

DeVry University educates thousands of students online and onsite in the U.S. and abroad. Due to the amount of students and DeVry’s online platform, their employee have to utilize many CRM systems to better serve and assist their students. I currently serve as a senior online academic advisor and in the student service departments, the employees utilizes at least 6 systems that are in place which are Salesforce, Banner, Mosaic, Image Now, Docusign, and eCollege. Salesforce offers customer relationship management systems in which DeVry implemented into their company recently. In the student services department, we utilize Salesforce’s service cloud product, which helps us manage data input, student inquires, automate workflow, and utilize softphone features. Salesforce strives on being able to provide customer service management solutions that works both at a site location and remotely (Salesforce, 2014). CRM manager states that the key benefits of Salesforce service cloud are:
Scalable infrastructure – Additional seats can be quickly added to support your growing business without the need for significant hardware purchases.
Automated assignment and escalation rules ensure that issues are routed appropriately.
Integrated knowledgebase capabilities allow sharing of information
In conjunction with Sales Cloud, allows your employees to see a 360 degree view of customer interactions
Integration with phone and VOIP systems to reduce call handling time Availability of self-service options to assist in call diversion efforts.

Banner is administrative ERP software that was developed for higher education institutions. Banner is used to maintain…