Message In Harlem By Langston Hughes

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The message in "Harlem”, by Langston Hughes, is simple: chasing your dreams while
Letting time go by doesn’t lead to good things. He sends his message to the
Reader through a series of similes intentionally comparing a dream deferred to
A number of things that get worst over periods of time.
An example of this is when he compared a dream deferred to rotting meat. Rotting
Meat is something unpleasant and undesirable to anyone who smells' it, which
Hughes is saying a dream deferred will become. In the poem dreams, Langston
Hughes explains to his readers that if you do not hold fast to your dreams they
Will become lost or lose value. Signifying that, life will be a broken winged
Bird unable to fly free, or feed itself. This lets the reader know to remain
Strong willed even in doubtful times, because with ambition you’re likely to
Succeed. Dreams are subliminal messages to the mind which heavily contribute to
People’s actions, many go unaware of this but in actuality some of our greatest
Leaders built this country off of their dreams and instincts. Which goes to
Show holding fast through the storm your dream will manifest into reality.
These poems had a deeply rooted meaning in the play a raisin in the sun because
The actual title comes from the more famous poem Harlem. The movie raisin in the Sun focuses on a struggling northern family who endures the loss of the never
Seen Walter SR in which brought the family ten thousand dollars in life
Insurance money. Lena Younger (the new found head of household) then decides
That the best decision for her family is to withdraw them from the rural
Outskirts of Chicago. She planned to set aside three thousand dollars of the
Insurance money to send her daughter Beneatha to med school but her son Walter
Lee had a different agenda set in mind. Walter believed that investing in a
Liquor store would be the best financial choice for his mother and family to
Make but she thought otherwise. She then used the money to invest in a new home
For her family in hopes of creating a better life for them. Eventually along the
Line she budged and gave Walter lee the remaining six thousand five hundred
Dollars in hope that he would set aside the money for his sister’s education.
Relentlessly Walter was deceived of his funds and his family was back to being
Financially unstable. This led everyone including Walter to the meaning of
A dream deferred because everyone ‘dreams seemed to have revolved around the
Money but when the money was stolen everyone became lost and in efforts to
Atone for his mistake he set out to talk to his neighbor in the new community.
The only problem was that him and the rest of the neighborhood was anti black
And frowned upon the arrival of a black family living in their community. The
Racism there was so bad that one of the Caucasian men tried to bribe Walter and
His family to move away. At a point in time Walter felt as though it was his
Only way of fixing what he'd done but later then realized if he gave up this
One dream of