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Matt Bernards
Period 6
Is child behavior better or worse than it was years ago? 1. “Parents who try to discipline their children by just telling them to stop a behavior are not teaching the children to respect authority, nor are they helping the child to become a responsible adult.”( Jacqueline Gonz) I believe that in today’s society parents are not doing their job. You’re supposed to guide your child to become a useful member to society, and to be an honest, hard worker. Things like not telling your child no, and using positive reinforcement don’t work, it only worsens the situation. Instead of enforcing your verbal consequences with action if they misbehave, they run free and don’t respect authority. 2. In this article by Jacqueline Gonz, She states her opinion of enforcing the rules of the parent(s), “I don’t agree with physical discipline but I agree with time out, ground, and talk to them.” 3. Jacqueline says, “There seems to be a greater number of parents who are unwilling to spend the time and effort necessary to properly teach their children how to behave, resulting in a greater number of children who misbehave. I believe that parents should be able to raise their children however they want, but when what they’ve been doing isn’t working and the kids are getting in trouble, someone should step in and give them a second opinion…” These kids are walking all over their parents, and the parents don’t know how to stop it. They need to have