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Research Proposal Template
To: Business and Professional Writing Students
From: Michael Jansen
Date: 1/30/2013
Re: Research Proposal Assignment
Authorization and Background
My project idea focuses on how recent advancements in technology have changed communication in the workplace. The changes in technology have had a monumental impact on the workplace over the last 15 years. Communication is certainly essential to the success of a business. In today’s modern world, technology is a staple within every workplace.
Identify the Audience
Since I am a part of group B, you will be the primary reader.
Define the Problem
How has the improvement of technology changed communication within the workplace?
Clarify the Purpose
The purpose of my project is to describe the progression of technology in the workplace and the impact it has had on communication.
Communication in the Workplace in the 1990’s
The Impact of the Internet on Communication in the Workplace
The Changes within Technology that Altered Communication in the Workplace
Cell Phones
Communication in the Workplace in Today’s Society Limitations and Delimitations
A limitation might be the amount of information that I am able to find on this subject.
A delimitation for this project would be making sure that I stay on task and manage my time properly for this project.
Data Collection and Analysis
The majority of my project will be qualitative data;