Mike Rice Scandal Summary

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The Mike Rice Scandal is the perfect example of the importance of effective communication. Rice is the former head coach for Rutgers men’s basketball team. In 2012, video footage surfaced displaying Rice’s aggressive and demeaning behavior towards his players, which eventually lead to his termination. The footage of his behavior created a huge uproar as members of the society were in shock by the lack of action taken by the President of the University, Robert Barchi and the Athletic Director, Tim Pernetti. The scandal mushroomed solely due to a lack of proper communication both internally as well as externally. Pernetti and Barchi’s ethical and moral compass came into question because their stories did not align and Rice’s termination came after the video footage was released publicly.
Pernetti was allegedly
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Lack of communication or improper communication can cause division and chaos on a National scale simply by not understanding cultures or being misinformed or misunderstood. Reaching out to a Public Relations Office can help you to do adequate research on your audience before speaking in public. I would use my store manager, Mike Gratton as my communication liaison. He is very precise and detailed when doing research on a project or person before we have a business meeting. This helps us to understand their background, speak to their preferences and ensure that we create a mutual respect. Utilizing a communications liasion to help you know your crowd, to understand the different cultures and to assist in creating a guideline how the best way to approach your speech or public conversation is a great asset. I propose that our society practice more face-to-face communication, irregardless of how minute a topic may be. Communication is essential to a productive livelihood and therefore we must be meticulous and empathetic in the manner we chose to