Mike Rose I Just Wanna Be Average Analysis

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Although I myself have not come into contact with a teacher that had no passion in what she or he did as a job. I have known of people that did not take education serious enough for them not to excel pass high school. But, I strongly believe that people can change and they can leave slacking off, partying, and getting into fights behind. They can better themselves as a student with the right aid and that right aid would call on teachers that can guide students in the right way and push them to excel in their education. In the essay “I Just Wanna Be Average”, written by author Mike Rose depicts the story of Rose himself and the "vocational education" program at the high school he attended. While at this "vocational education" program Rose was accidently placed in bottom level classes. Once …show more content…
What really made me shocked was the way Rose first met a fellow classmate Harvey. On page 126 Harvey states, “I just wanna be average.”, when reading this quote, it only goes to think of how these students are embracing average standards. Rose puts it this way, “Reject the confusion and frustration by openly defining yourself as the common Joe”(127). They believe that by solidifying themselves as “average,” it will allow them catch their breath and just live and move on. Once getting more into the text, I was relieved to see that Rose decided to leave the vocational school and attending Mercy High. Through this new school process, Rose’s father's health was worsening and eventually has father passed. In my eyes after his father's death, he becomes more to himself and focusing on what he needs to do to better his life. I admire the way Rose decides to focus on his education due the new teacher, Mr. McFarland. This goes to show how