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Michael Summit
English 3004
Staying Positive


Have you ever wondered why events and occasions in your life don’t go how you want them to when

you tell yourself that you can’t do it or just think in a negative way? Well subliminally in your mind when

you think negative things will not be positive and the more negative that will happen in your life. A great

thing to do is to have some “I can goals and statements “in your life. Many people in the whole world not just United States are what I would call nay sayers and are

very negative. These people have very low confidence in their self and always are saying “I can’t “ or “

I’m not good enough”. When saying negative thoughts like that people are already set that they feel like

they can’t do something or are not good enough to do something so normally end up not doing the or

being able to do something . This normally happens because when someone tells their self that cant or

their not good enough they don t try as hard because their already doubting their self so if you have a

positive attitude better things will happen and if you are negative better things won’t happen. Do you have positive goals in your life that keep you looking for the better outlook in life .Goal

setting is a great thing to do. Its a great thing to provide yourself with short and long term goals because

if you have the goals you are pushing yourself to better things and with that positive outlook you will be

able to make it to them long term goals. Staying positive does pay off in life but remember if at first you

don’t get it try again and don’t give up and become negative because a negative person will not make it

to the places you want to be. In life when you are out looking for a job and going to job interviews you most likely