Mikes Bikes Report Essay

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|AFM 131 Report |December 3 |
| |2011 |
|This is a report of the company named JayHsquared which contains decisions made |JayHsquared |
|and the results from these decisions from 2003 to 2011. Written by the president| |
|of the firm to the Directors of Mike’s Bikes. | |
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However, we planned to pay dividends as soon as we earned enough cash to improve the company and to attract investors to our company.
Expected Results

For the first year of operations, we expected to surpass our competition by having the greatest shareholder’s value and market share. We hoped our decisions for the first year would help us gain an advantage on our competition and make our competitive footprint in the global bike market.
Rollover 2: Year 2005

Basic Strategies

As a new company, JayHsquared’s original team strategy was to sell bikes at a medium cost, with a medium quality leading to modest advertising expenditures. Our strategy for year two was distribute advertising expenditures in the three different media sources efficiently. To achieve these goals, we increased our advertising, which also allowed us to increase our price. Overall, our main company strategy was to increase assets, keeping liabilities at a minimum, and therefore maximizing our shareholder’s value.

Review of the prior year results

As owners of JayHsquared, we were very pleased with the results from the year before. We increased our advertising by a large amount of $450,000 and increased price by 5%, which proved to be an efficient idea since we brought our retail sales to a total of $11,738,122, the second highest sales level in our world. The increase in the price of our price also had a very positive effect on our total cash