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The Myki system should be abolished. For | Against | Public transport is becoming increasingly difficult to use which will result in fewer users. | The myki system reduces the paper wastage which occurred with metcards. | It is wasting money which should be used for things the majority of the state wants and needs. | It’s just one card so you don’t have to keep buying a new card every time you travel. | Tourists will now struggle to use public transport. | It’s connected to your details like if you lose it they send you out a new one. | Having such a complicated and expensive public transport system will encourage people to drive their cars around rather than catch a train. | The myki system allows you to register your myki card so that in the event you lose it as soon as you report it the money remaining will be transferred to your new card. | The system is inconvenient as you must remember to touch on and off and purchasing a myki can be difficult as not all stations sell them. | |

The Myki system should be abolished. By Alicia Wilson.
Introduction: The Myki system should be abolished, or at least metcards should be a public transport ticket option. On December 29 2012 the Myki become public transport users in Victoria only way to travel with Metcards cards not sold after this date. This affects all Victorians as currently the myki system is wasting millions of dollars from the state’s budget which should be used on things the population wants and needs, the Myki system is simply a waste of money. The introduction of the system majorly affects users of the trains, trams and buses around the state. Tourists visiting Victoria will also be greatly affected. The State government needs to revoke its decision to make the Myki Victoria’s only ticketing system. The Metcard gave people memorabilia of their trips and therefore people should still have the option of purchasing the Metcard. Public transport is becoming increasingly difficult to use which will result in fewer users. It is wasting money which should be used for things the majority of the state wants and needs. The government needs to listen to the people of Victoria as currently we are not happy with the ticketing system they have recently introduced.
Argument One: The myki is currently wasting the state’s budget. When the Ballieu government first decided to introduce the Myki it was estimated to cost 494 million dollars, it has now reached a sky rocketing 1.52 billion dollars. This huge amount could have been used for a variety of different uses. It is half the cost of sending a rocket to Mars! There are essentials that cannot be afforded within the state’s budget apparently which include a pay rise for teachers and more hospital beds are desperately needed in many hospitals around the state. The Metacard system was coping perfectly fine as Victoria’s public transport ticketing system so why this was changed for such an excessive amount of money is outright ridiculous. The money should have been used to increase the amount of trains trams and buses that operate during peak time to increase convenience and comfort for public transport users. Timetabling more trains on the lines would have helped the over crowed transport issue then the inconvenient Myki which is creating great hassle for consumers. The Myki was initially scheduled to be introduced in March 2007 however through both problems operating the Myki and an increase in the cost to implement the Myki it has taken an extra five years. Surely as other much more important issues, such as teachers constantly going on striking attempt to gain a pay rise became evident the state government should have scraped the Myki and fixed what the majority of Victorians want. The myki is currently wasting the state’s budget whilst also making it difficult for many commuters to travel via public transport.
Argument Two: The Myki makes catching public transport increasingly difficult which will ultimately