To Kill A Mocking Bird By Harper Lee

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Mikka Looney
December 10, 2014 To Kill a Mocking Bird

To Kill a Mocking Bird, by Harper Lee, is about Scout Finch a teenage girl, who lives with her brother, Jem, and they’re not so good father, Atticus, in the town of Maycomb, in Alabama. Maycomb is suffering through the Great Depression, but Atticus is a prominent lawyer and the Finch family is reasonably well off comparing to the rest of society. One summer, Jem and Scout befriend a boy named Dill, who has come to live in their neighborhood for the summer, and the tree go through many adventures and come up with some great stories and memories to tell. Eventually, Dill becomes very interested with the ‘haunted’ house on their street called the Radley Place. The house is owned by Mr. Nathan, who is the brother of Arthur. Arthur’s nicknamed is boo. Mr. Nathan has lived there for years without venturing outside. Scout goes to school for the first time that falls at the beginning of semester and hates it! She and Jem find gifts apparently left for them in a a tree on the Radley property. Atticus tries to get all the children to see life from a different perspective, before judging which is basically a life lesson everyone needs to learn. But on Dill’s last night in Maycomb for the summer, the three sneak onto the Radley property, where Nathan Radley shoots at them. Jem loses his pants in the terrifying escape. When he comes back for them, he finds them worn out and hung over the fence. Later on in the year, Jem and