Miles Davis Essay

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Miles Davis: The music’s right but the approach is wrong.

Music listeners everywhere have heard at least a smidgen of the music from “the prince of darkness”. Although Miles Davis, dubbed the “most revered jazz trumpeter of all time, not to mention one of the most important musicians of the 20th century” by Rolling Stone Magazine and known as the birth of cool, attitudes and behaviors we never truly kind and the man was notoriously known as a jerk, his music was of great importance to the jazz culture as a whole. Without bashing Miles’ credibility or defacing the legend, this paper is being used to chroniclize the music produced synonymously with his behavior as “a badass”. Miles was the kind of person who didn’t care what anyone
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After, Miles dropped out of Juilliard and began running a circuit with him. From here, Miles moved into recording and working non-stop, and with late nights and bad crowds, Miles developed a drug addiction and mean temper.
Rolling stone magazine wrote a piece on Davis in 2000 by Andrew Dansby, labelled “The Two Sides of Miles Davis” which suggests that, “There was never one Miles Davis. Depending on whom you ask, there may have been as many as five.”(Dansby 1) This article chronicles Mile’s personal and public life “Whereas he stood naked on a stage, he was fiercely protective of his private life. Folks wanted to know Miles Davis. Miles Davis didn't give a shit about folks.” (Dansby) While Miles had difficulty with many people within the industry, there was one poet and journalist who would continually interview miles, claiming it created a special bond, that interested me most and goes by the name of Quincy Troupe, author of “Miles and Me: A Memoir of Miles Davis. Quincy, born in St. Louis, was a journalist in 1985 for spin magazine during and constantly tried to interview him. “For every meeting in which the musician seemed impressed with the young poet were two in which he would lambaste Troupe for violating his personal space. "Fuck you man! I don't hafta speak to your motherfuckin' ass every time I see you." When Davis inquisitively grabbed a handful of the writer's dreadlocks, Troupe didn't