Miles per Hour and Correct Significant Figures Essay example

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Lab: What is your Speed Exercise?

Purpose: To perform various exercises and calculate their speeds to the correct significant figures.
Data: 5.00m string Exercise | Distance | Person | Time | m/s | Cm/s | Mi/hr | Observations | Walk | 20.0m | Imaad | 11.4s | 1.75m/s | | 3.91mi/hr | Time was slow every time up and m/s was the fastest for this section. | Running | 20.0m | Imaad | 3.1s | 6.45m/s | 645cm/s | 14.6mi/hr | Shoe lace was untied, people in the way, and sun was in eyes could not see when to stop. | Throwing tennis ball | 25.0m | Imaad | 5.3s | 4.72m/s | 472cm/s | 10.6mi/hr | Sore arm, ball was bouncy, and sun was in my eyes. | Rolling tennis ball | 20.0m | Imaad | 4.7s | 4.3m/s | 430cm/s | 9.61mi/hr | Dirt and dust and rocks were on pavement and interference of students walking. | Side walking | 25.0m | Imaad | 18.5s | 1.08m/s | 108cm/s | 2.41mi/hr | Many people in the way almost tripped and people were in the middle rolling tennis balls. | Hopping | 25.0m | Imaad | 8.7s | 2.87m/s | 287m/s | 2.41mi/hr | Rocks, people, and shoelaces. |

Data Analysis 1.75m/s*100/1=175cm/s 6.45m/s*100/ 1.75m/s*3600s/1hr*1mi/1610m=? Mi/hr 6.54m/s*3600s/1hr*1mi/1610=?mi/s 1.75m/s*3600s/1hr*1mi/1610m=3.91 Mi/hr 6.54m/s*3600s/1hr*1mi/1610=14.6 mi/s 4.72m/s*100/ 4.3m/s*100/1=430.
4.72m/s*3600s/1hr*1mi/1610m=?mi/hr 4.3m/s*3600s/1hr*1mi/1610m=?mi/hr 4.72m/s*3600s/1hr*1mi/1610m=10.6mi/hr 4.3m/s*3600s/1hr*1mi/1610m=9.61mi/h 1.08m/s*100/1=108cm/s 2.87m/s*100/1=287cm/s 1.08m/s*3600s/1hr*1mi/1610m=?mi/hr 2.87m/s*3600s/1hr*1mi/1610m=?mi/hr 1.08m/s*3600s/1hr*1mi/1610m=2.41mi/hr 1.08m/s*3600s/1hr*1mi/1610=2.41mi/hr Conclusion: a. Yes, we solved the problem by calculating all the measurements and matching how they were and looking at our data analysis if we did not make any mistakes. b. Well actually for this particular lab we did not have a hypothesis so therefore no our hypothesis did not match our data chart and analysis. c. We have had many errors such as the wind, people doing experiments in our experiments, people walking through the experiment, stop watch delay probably, string accuracy of measurements, and maybe shoelaces were not tied. d. Well we can have no people in the way walking through the experiment or no one doing experiments in our experiment, more time for precise accuracy, better materials, better stopwatches, and more tools.