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Honor, Duty and Respect There are very few men who are awarded the Medal of Honor; more than that however are still alive to tell their story. Staff Sargent Giunta displayed actions of honor, duty, and respect on several occasions during the night of the attack on himself and his fellow soldiers. He presented honor to his superior’s by doing what he had been trained to do in the situation. His duty was to protect his comrades and without hesitation and he did so. Staff Sargent Giunta showed respect because he said that all of the other Medal of Honor recipients before him were all actual heroes. He specifically said that he wasn’t doing anything that one of his other buddies wouldn’t have done. Honor. As a very patriotic American citizen honor means a lot to me because if the public doesn’t have honor towards its country then the country means nothing. After listing and reading about Staff Sargent Giunta his honor towards his country was exactly what the military of the United States should want out of a soldier in my eyes. He humbled himself to save a comrade and then didn’t expect anything in return. Honor is what other people did before you that created a higher standard of living. Having honor as one of your personal characteristics is living day to day with those higher standards because you believe in the men and women that came before you. Duty is an act of service in the military or living life by a moral code. I believe that a soldier’s duty is instilled inside of them throughout their years of service. Staff Sargent and the men that fought next to him knew their duty as soldiers. You could tell this because it didn’t take long for the men to register what was going on the men immediately got into position and returned fire. From the videos and reading material about Staff Sargent Giunta actions there is no way