Women In Combat

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Jerome Wartenberger
English 1A
Prof. Kirkpatrick
6 Feb 2013

Women in Combat, Can they be that demanding? In the 21st century we have overcome many advance since this country was first founded, one of the recent topics being woman rights. Over the past year women in the military have demanded to advance their knowledge and skills within their units by being unleashed into combat. With this demand come great controversy, yet it makes their fellow woman scared for their friend that would be leaving her country to fight in the war on terror.If woman in the military want to be treated as an equal and fight for their country than the requirements to do so should meet those of a man and not be lowered.

Women in combat is a controversial topic which could lead to ending friendships, even though women have advance in the working world I believe that some jobs, like fighting in the military, should be reserved for men. For example the Army and General Staff College reports that there are differences in the requirements for men and women. One for example is the fitness requirement “USMC Women in the Service Restrictions Review” found that women, on average, have 20 percent lower aerobic power, 40 percent lower muscle strength, 47 percent less lifting strength and 26 percent slower marching speed than men. Also, only 2.9 percent of women have maintained the same pushup’s and mile run as their male counterpart.If the woman requirement for the military have been lowered and they would be sent into combat would that mean that we are lowering the standard of the United States Military which is the most powerful in the world, being stationed on every continent and being a force to not be reckoned with. If a woman were to go into combat with the skills and training that she received by having less requirements that a man then she would not pose as a threat to an enemy if she just barely past the minimum requirements for a female. Yet, another question arises, what if a man meets the requirements for a female, why isn’t that man allowed to enter the military if he reached “The Requirement”. How fair is that , if a woman wants equal rights then should it be both ways and not in the favor of the female. If women are also accepted in the military for combat shouldn’t they also be required to sign selective service forms just as eighteen year old men. If a draft is called should the same amount of women and men be called to serve for this wonderful country we call home. The selective service laws would have to also be written in order to accommodate the woman. Congress still has yet to amend the law in order to make is so that women would have to register.

Since women would be moving into combat positions they would also have the chance ,to have new experience within the military such as, being a higher rank such as a Gunnery Sergeant or even a general, with this new bill that has passed it has opened the doors for women in the form of advancing their knowledge and gaining new respect.Throughout history women have been known as the caretakers rather than the