Military Salute Research Paper

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A salute is a gesture or other action used to display respect. Salutes are primarily associated with armed foes. Although a salute is used in armed forces it is modified to what they want it to look like. For example, the British soldiers have salute with the right hand with the palm facing forward and their fingers touching the brim of the cover. The United Stated armed forces salutes with the elbow parallel to the deck, right hand flat with a slight tilt forward, and touching the brim of the persons cover. The marine corps tenth general orders states "To salute all officers, colors and standards not cased."

Some historians believe the idea of a "salute" began back in the roman times when assassinations were common The reason for the right hand to be shown was to make sure the approaching civilian was clear of any weapon or dangerous objects. Over time of using this action, it soon became a sign of respect and they by the year 1820 it was modified to touch the cover.
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Character is displayed when the action is used because it shows that the person has some kind of discipline. A salute can been sloppy and poorly displayed if the sailor, soldier or marine has no knowledge of the correct way to do it. Unlike other branches a marine is more likely to be chewed out for lack of discipline. At least thats my opinion because we take more pride in our services than any other branch. So when it comes to looking sharp and on point we are the best at it, rah! Marines also have no problem in correcting other branches and showing them the right way to do things because that is how we conduct