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In Military Technologies you will learn to:
Be a leader in the US Military or other national security organization
Use winning strategies in battle
Understand the technology and processes used by the military
The following certificate(s)/degree(s) in Military Technologies will prepare you for jobs like the ones listed:
ROTC programs are offered along with a major in a non-military subject, such as engineering or political science.
ROTC is not a major, but a program that you can choose to take for one to four years.
A very small number of schools, mostly U.S. military academies, offer a degree in military technology.
ROTC programs are offered by career-technical schools, 4-year colleges and universities, and graduate schools. The programs are located on college campuses, and may give college scholarships for students who are willing to make an eight-year commitment to military service after graduation. ROTC members usually receive a commission (military assignment) upon graduation from college.
This program prepares individuals for: military service, management-level positions in government, business, industry, and education, such as military officer, FBI agent, private investigator
4-Year degree: graduates from a military academy receive a commission and serve a period of time in the military
Many days passed before we could speak to the Golden One again. But then came the day when the sky turned white, as if the sun had burst and spread its flame in the air, and the fields lay still without breath, and the dust of the road was white in the glow. So the women of the field were weary, and they tarried over their

Information prepared by the Project Gutenberg legal advisor 17 work, and they were far from the road when we came. But the Golden One stood alone at the hedge, waiting. We stopped and we saw that their eyes, so hard and scornful to the world, were looking at us as if they would obey any word we might speak.
And we said:
"We have given you a name in our thoughts, Liberty 5-3000."
"What is our name?" they asked.
"The Golden One."
"Nor do we call you Equality 7-2521 when we think of you."
"What name have you given us?" They looked straight into our eyes and they held their head high and they answered:
"The Unconquered."
For a long time we could not speak. Then we said:
"Such thoughts as these are forbidden, Golden One."
"But you think such thoughts as these and you wish us to think them."
We looked into their eyes and we could not lie.
"Yes," we whispered, and they smiled, and then we said: "Our dearest one, do not obey us."
They stepped back, and their eyes were wide and still.
"Speak these words again," they whispered.
"Which words?" we asked. But they did not answer, and we knew it.
"Our dearest one," we whispered.
Never have men said this to women.
The head of the Golden One bowed slowly, and they stood still before us, their arms at their sides, the palms of their hands turned to us, as if their body were delivered in submission to our eyes. And we could not speak.
Then they raised their head, and they spoke simply and gently, as if they wished us to forget some anxiety of their own.
"The day is hot," they said, "and you have worked for many hours and you must be weary." "No," we answered.
"It is cooler in the fields," they said, "and there is water to drink. Are you thirsty?"
"Yes," we answered, "but we cannot cross the hedge."
Information prepared by the Project Gutenberg legal advisor 18
"We shall bring the water to you," they said.
Then they knelt by the moat, they gathered water in their two hands, they rose and they held the water out to our lips.
We do not know if we drank that water. We only knew suddenly that their hands were empty, but we were still holding our lips to their hands, and that they knew it, but did not move.
We raised our head and stepped back. For we did not understand what had made us do this, and we were afraid to understand it.
And the