Military: United States Army and Food Service Sergeant Essay

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There are several contracts that I have dealt with during my military career. I had to sign a contract and each time I reenlisted, I had to sign a contract. One of the jobs I had was a Food Service Sergeant and I had to deal with the Prime Vendor contract as well as the custodian contract. I was deployed to Iraq as a Contract Officer Representative. This dealt with making the contract to monitoring what was done according to the contract. There were incentives for the workers as well as the company that they worked for. These contracts were enforced by the U.S. Army and I had a duty to carry myself like a soldier and represent the Army when dealing with the Prime Vendor and custodial workers. There are many rules and regulations that I had to follow. I also had to implement changes and execute missions according to regulations. The contracts were very important in keeping the expectations of me and the other contractors in our scope.
Refereeing Basketball
Some of the contracts that I’m used to using are verbal contracts, meaning I will get a call from a game assigner. The assigner will tell me where and when to be at the location. I have worked with these assigners and I know how much I will get paid each game. Normally I will get paid at the end of the weekend or at the end of the season of games. The terms to this contract is that I have to show up on time to the different sets of games. Being late is not acceptable!! Each game is to be referee to the highest