Military Uses Technology Essay

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Technology towards Society’s Improvement? Or Unhealthy Dependency? Modern technology has opened pathways by changing the way we live, work, learn, communicate and providing numerous advantages. Today, people access information and news updates through the internet; smart phones and tablets let us have many things on one device, such as music, applications, videos, games, and so on. Now, we can also get to see anybody face to face, as if they’re in front of us, using webcams. We don’t see a lot of people around without mobile phones or decline the use of technology anymore, which gave rise to this question that has been a subject of debate lately: are we developing an unhealthy dependence on technology? Although some believe that we have becoming overly dependent on technology, we can’t deny the fact that it has improved our lives in so many ways for the better and it provides significant benefits for everyone. Advances in technology greatly improved our way of life. Communication has become much more efficient and effective, and managing our lives has certainly become easier. The use of mobile phones and social media sites, such as Facebook, Skype, etc. has helped us maintain communication with our friends, family, and loved ones. Let’s talk about the military since I’m in it. The military uses technology to monitor our nation against national treats, make weapons and equipments to make the military more effective in keeping peace and protect our nation and its people. Soldiers deployed in Afghanistan or somewhere else stay in touch with their families through the internet or phone calls. Also, in the field of medicine, inventions have helped us cure diseases and illnesses, and develop more effective medication and treatments. Hospitals, nowadays, make service more accessible for the benefit of patients and staff by progress in technology, such as better ways of checking in and out patients or even when making appointments made through phone calls or through the internet. Moreover, technology has helped us prepare ourselves in major events, such as the election and our government, to help us shape our society, or even warn us of any calamity or catastrophe. Others believe that technology causes social isolation and inability to do basic tasks that humans should do. Parents give their kids their iPhones so the kids can be quiet and entertained, without the parents having to do anything. Young people, who sit in front of computers, playing video games in their spare time, do not get exercise and do not socialize with people of their age. In addition, in the age of texting and Twitter, people are losing their ability to write simple English