Milk: Obesity and Loose Flowing Toga Essay

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Just as Don Quixote set out on a quest to rid the world of evil and replace it with only good-many women, when they look into a mirror, see visions of themselves that they wish were different and could be changed. As a doctor at the Slenderizing Institute of American Wellness, I have seen countless examples of women on such impossible journeys. As we go on in this examination of the problems that come to me daily I will share with you what I have seen and how I have suggested their wishes could be reached. Lets look at this in seven major areas.
1. The real “weighty” problem
Once a woman gets it in her mind that she is overweight one of two decisions must be made. She must decide as to whether she will accept her being this way, because any of a dozen reasons: she hates dieting because it never works for her, “it’s hereditary,” her medications are causing it and she has to continue them if she wishes to recover from whatever is ailing her, she has always been “big boned,” she is afraid that exercising will harm her even more, or simply that “God wants her this way.” Then again, she has the option to reduce, lose weight, go on a diet, have her stomach stapled, buy some Slim Fast, or call Jarrod to tell her which “subs” she can order at Subway.
2. The analysis of the steps to be taken.
Having made her decision, she will take one of two paths. If she is not going to lose weight she may find the quickest route to the refrigerator or garage to squeeze behind the wheel and head out to McDonalds, Burger King, or even Subway without Jarrod. If she has decided to join the many who are depriving themselves of any more blizzards, Frostys or even Slurpee’s, then she must consult either with a weight counselor, online or in real life…on line hurts a lot less. These gurus of slimness should suggest a physical with her doctor, who can help her set up a plan. 3. Learning to take the first step.
This is the toughest part- putting the plan into action. Many experts say that plastering pictures of “The Fat You” all over the house will motivate you to reduce. When the pounds do not come off as magically as she desires it may only motivate her to cry, cheat, or quit. She must realize that she is the only one who controls what she puts in her mouth. So maybe only a few “fat” pictures strategically placed is best…on the fridge, the cabinet that holds her favorite treats, or even the bedside table where her secret stash of Oreos is hidden. She must simply get going. She wants this; she has got to do this!
4. Setting reachable goals that are reasonable, therefore reachable.
She has got to know that the weight will not just fall off. She must start with reasonable and reachable goals- five pounds in two weeks or ten in a month. Even a “Skinny Minnie” could reach these goals so she will be able to meet with early success and that should motivate her setting and reaching more reasonable goals, which she would hopefully meet. 5. Putting the next foot forward.