Milkman And Guitar Case Study

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1. What does the conversation that begins this chapter tell the reader about the quality of the friendship between Milkman and Guitar?

At the start of the chapter, Guitar's conversation with Milkman display the strains and pressures that has been put on their friendship. After Milkman showed up at Guitar's house, where the two drank tea while playfully discussing geography and what type of egg (soft-fried, fried, regular, etc) Milkman is, if any. Despite this interaction being the first since their argument about HonoreĢ versus Alabama, the two were friendly and exchanged laughed with each other. One of the reasons why their relationship remains intact is because of the aid the Guitar provide for Milkman in keeping him safe for the six previous months as Milkman faces death threats from Hagar. Although their relation has reduced in quality from when they were best friends as young children, know they have started to grow apart and only will worsen, desire never ending it

2. What do the residents of Southside mean by "graveyard love"? What interest do they take in it? What judgement do they make of it?
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For example, Milkman's relationship with Hagar can be described as "graveyard love" because the relationship lacks meaning or substance, and leaves one person a ghost of themselves. Hagar blindly loves Milkman and although she is hurt by him after his breakup letter, she continues to love him. Now, Hagar has an empty existence because as stated in the opening of the chapter she is consumed by the thought of murdering Milkman for breaking up and upsetting her, but she doesn't loose her love for Milkman. This transparency of "graveyard love" peaks the interest of the community members, and their judgment on the topic is that it is looked upon and discussed in a negative and shameful