Millan's work with dogs or no? Essay

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Cesar Millan and Mark Derr
Corian Du Plessis, B4, Essay

Dogs are supposed to be our best friends, so why not treat them like so? As Millan describes his ways on how to train a dog, Mark Derr believes that his ways are inhumane. We should believe Derr’s theory the Millan’s theories are a “Pack of Lies”, and act against Millan’s ways. We should not believe in Cesar Millan’s theories because Millan uses mild techniques: poking, prodding, and confrontational methods that challenge the dog’s authority.Although people may find when Millan finds and excels the dogs strengths and talents it’s a great talent, but I’m sure that the don’t realize that he also finds and pushes the weaknesses and limitations of the dog’s or dogs’ compatibility, which can cause aggression and inflict pain on the animal.
Would you inflict pain on your bestfriend?
Does Millan viciously beat dogs? No, but the methods he uses are sometimes unnecessarily rough. There is evidence that is methods shown on the show can be harmful. Some may ask if i have ever watched the show, and as a matter of fact i have. I first watched it to observe both the dogs’ and Millan’s actions, as well as how the dogs’ reacted. I was watching to improve on how i was training my dog, but i was disgusted in the ways in which he used, sometimes lifting dogs of their front paws with a choke chain known as stringing up. So i just moved to YouTube, and watched other dog trainers use more efficient and humane methods.
Because Cesar is on T.V. people may get the idea that all of his methods are appropriate, but when you really think about, how much do they really cut out of the equation? Cesar lacks the need for positive reinforcement, if you want a dog to have lasting positive effects, reward

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