Miller-Motte Technical College Case Study

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Miller- Motte College and Miller- Motte Technical College (MMC) is a successful educational
Institution, due to their understanding of the clients served (Merriam, 2007, p. 129). MMC’s has various locations which offer different programs. MMC opened in 1916 in Wilmington, NC. Its sole purpose was to help individuals become stenographers. Since then MMC offers different programs such as Cosmetology, Esthetics Technology, Management,

Associate of Applied Science, Network Administration/Security, and Allied Health. The MMC staff

support students during every step of the enrollment process and after graduation. The Career

Services Advisor, Jessica Ludwick, explained their department offers yearly seminars and online

computer services
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MMC has a marketing department which covers all of the locations. MMC is registered as a for profit

Institution and Title IV participating Institution. They partner with outside agencies and provide high

school tours. The students volunteer in the community at such locations as medical clubs and assisted

living facilities. MMC gives back to the local community by providing a skill set for their students, which

will result in positions being filled. They have an advisory board meeting for each program. The

advisory boards consist of different individuals from the community, local businesses professional,

employers and students within a particular field of study.

The college is accredited by UNC Board of Governors, NC Community College System, and

Accreditation Council for Independent College and Schools (ACIS). Miller Mott is for profit college and

must follow guidelines that have been mandated by the state. As stated earlier anyone hired will work

with a diverse group of learners.

Although, I was not allowed to enter the classroom, however I viewed an instructor teach a